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x4. At least 3.5 years lifespan,

Enjoy exciting Low rates experience.
Backed up by server stability and 0 interventions policy.
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Interlude Flagman is back.

Interlude is a masterpiece created with love.
Feel the superb classic Interlude Low rates gameplay.
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L2Dawn is back. forever.

Old community will reunite.
This time - once and for all.
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24/7 action. 0 interventions.

Community is being created by the players.
Project evolved together with them.

It is happening.
Interlude Flagman Is Back.
This time forever.
x4 Low Rate Gameplay for at least 3.5 years.

After many years of silence and many years of emptiness, legendary L2Dawn Interlude is coming back this autumn for at least 3.5 years guaranteed server lifetime full of unforgettable Interlude low rates of gameplay moments.

Goal is simple - to provide superb feeling and touch of actually playable Interlude low rates gameplay server driven by community and backed up by server stability and 0 interventions policy.

Server values ​​will always remain the same:

■ Community driven server
■ No pay to win.
■ Zero intervention to the server politics or natural gameplay.
■ At least 3.5 years of server online time. (up until at least 2026)

Server rates - x4 - perfect low rates feel for both, organized groups and individual players.

Preliminary dates:

■ Complete server concept decision, description of it, budget plan - middle of August.
■ Account pre-registration, invitation/referral promotional system - middle of August/start of September.
■ Private Test Server for first registered players - middle of October, 1-2 weeks.
■ Final launch date announcement and server introduction stream - middle of October.
■ Public server showcase - end of October. One weekend for public test server login, at least 2 streams with community manager.
■ Launch date - middle of November, 2022.

We are welcoming everyone to join our Discord server and to share your thoughts/ideas on the upcoming journey.

Made by Lineage2 enthusiasts, who have been playing the game from C3 to GOD and understand the complexity of the current state of the game, market and expectations from existing players.
Our core team is two IT professionals and one Community driver, backed up by an additional 5-7 supporters, both financially and ideologically.

Long live L2Dawn!

Message from the team
We are glad to announce that we have taken a decision to invest and reopen the legendary L2Dawn Interlude Low rates server. Decision is backed up by at least 5 supporters, both financially and ideologically.
Preliminary rates - x4. Minimal server lifespan - 3.5 years.

More information and preliminary dates can be seen at the front page.

Long live L2Dawn EU!


PvP server season was a bliss! We have observed 150+ unique online players, numerous amount of massive PvPs and more.
Time to say 'see you' for this warmup server - we are temporarily suspending L2Dawn PvP server.

In the following month, be prepared for the groundbreaking announcement about legendary low rates flagman. This time is forever.
In regards to the PvP server - it will come back in parallel with the main server, before the start.


Server has just started!


L2Dawn EU is staying together with the Ukraine and its people.
No aggression and war criminal activities can be tolerated.
Slava Ukraine!

We are super glad to revive legendary project with grand plans for iconic x5 server rebirth - until then, we are launching PvP server to bring some of the old community back and to warmup before new great fights.
Our clear goal is to reunite the community once and for all.
Strong guarantee that the project is going to progress together with the community - as before, main focus is strong and loyal community with continuously evolving server experience, no matter if it is PvP server or main x5 server.
Long living server is a key.
There are no plans on closing PvP side project once main x5 is being launched, however, we are considering various seasons options for it, including donations transfers after new season begins.

Your voting helps us to reach maximum attendance and reach of the legendary people - players, just like you, to maintain action and community strongest as possible.
Vote our sever on HopZone.Net - top l2 servers Top L2JBrasil de Servidores de Lineage2  Lineage 2 private server

Begin your adventure now

Historical PvP server links - NOT LONGER IN USE!

1 option.
Download the full L2 Interlude Dawn client (~2.9GB):

Google Drive (Version: 20220222v1 including 20220222v2 patch)
Mega Nz (Version: 20220222v1 including 20220222v2 patch)

Extract the contents anywhere on the PC

Launch the game through System -> L2.EXE

2 option. Download the L2 Dawn patch (~200MB).
Use this if you already have L2 installed :

Google Drive (Version 20220222v2)

Mega Nz (Version 20220222v2)
Zippyshare (Version 20220222v2)

Delete System folder fro your L2 directory.

Extract patch contents into the L2 directory and override all existing files.

Launch the game through System folder -> L2.exe